Do you recall knowing a beloved child who was seriously ill? Most likely it was scary, sobering and saddening, wasn’t it? Imagine the emotions that sick or injured children are feeling, compounded by physical pain and fear of the unknown. That is why Guideposts Outreach created Comfort Kits, a unique gift to let them know they’re special and that they are loved and cared for by a concerned community.

For more than six years, the Comfort Kits program has brightened the lives of thousands of children who are hospitalized or undergoing medical treatment. This bright blue box is packed with items designed to bring hope, spiritual reassurance, and smiles to youngsters, parents, and medical professionals alike.

It is our goal that every hospitalized child in need of comfort and support from a community they may or may not know, receives this special gift, packed with God’s love. Thanks to you, we believe we can reach our goal of impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and their families.

Make a Difference

Each Comfort Kit is like embracing a youngster in a warm hug, giving each boy and girl hope and encouragement at a difficult time. Your involvement - whether it is through donation, prayer or partnering with us - will ensure that we reach our goal to distribute 500,000 kits during the next five years. To donate to the Comfort Kit program, click here.

Kids Helping Kids

Children who want to get involved helping others in need have become some of our most enthusiastic fans. Schools, church groups, and youth organizations have taken comfort kits as their cause, with amazing results. Click here to learn more about Kids Helping Kids and how you can get involved!


There is nothing like hearing the laughter of children, especially when tears give way to joy. See the pure delight when a hospitalized youngster opens a Comfort Kit for the first time, embraces Sparkle the Caring Star or happily spends a quiet moment writing or drawing his or her feelings in a new journal. The joy is contagious. Click here to experience that special Comfort Kit moment.

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Liking and following us on Facebook can uplift your day by seeing the joyful reactions of children, following Sparkle on his travels, and reading testimonials from people whose lives were blessed by Comfort Kits. Each time you visit our Facebook page you will find inspiration in daily postings and photos that reveal an inside look at how our kits positively impact others.

In the News

With Comfort Kits now used at hundreds of medical facilities, more people want to hear about the program’s message of hope, joy and encouragement. The proven effectiveness has caught the attention of the media which has loved sharing the “feel-good” story, click here.


Comfort Kits have been received with open arms by children, their loved ones, and medical professionals. Many of these people eagerly tell of their wonderful experiences. To read these heartfelt stories, click here.

Photo Album

Comfort Kits and Sparkle the Caring Star cover thousands of miles each year traveling to the medical centers where they are now being used. As a matter of fact, the program has had distribution in forty-eight states and counting. Click here to see the difference Comfort Kits makes in the life of a hospitalized child.

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